Friday, August 22, 2014

Vitamins, minerals, and happiness

Hello e3 Fam! Yesterday’s e3 Nutrition Accountability Group focused on the benefits of vitamins and minerals and continued their practice on creating a positive mindset. With vitamins and minerals, we learned how the body utilizes these organic and nonorganic compounds to support and perform physiological functions, such as muscle contraction and relaxation, breathing, cell growth/regeneration, blood flow, etc. Vitamins are important as being coenzymes, transporters of essential proteins through cell walls, while minerals are important for building and transmitting nerve impulses throughout the body. When we defy our need for vitamins and minerals, we can create or exacerbate chronic health issues that range from bone disorders to cognitive abnormalities, from nervous system disorders to vision impairments, from inflammation to glucose intolerance. It’s scary to think that all these health issues can occur, but relieved to know that it’s preventable just by taking in a multivitamin supplement daily, along with adequate intake from a variety of foods. With our mindset training, the group discussed how change can be scary, challenging, and difficult. However, change can also be rewarding, beneficial, and fun. We learned that by changing our mindset, we can change our world. And by creating a positive mindset, the world around us becomes easy, successful, and fun to live in. Along with change, the group also learned the virtues of patience and honesty. Patience, in a sense, that in order to cultivate a positive attitude, we have to put in the time, effort, and introspection. We won’t be able to just get it and move on. It will take time and practice to be able to think positively. And with honesty, in order to adjust our mental attitude, getting clear of who we are, at the core, is important. We have to be brutally honest of who we truly are without judgment so that we can make positive changes if needed. Our next e3 Nutrition Accountability Group meeting will be September 4, 2014 at 6:30 pm. We will discuss the importance of water as well as move onto the next step towards happiness. I hope all will be able to attend, see you all soon! In strength and happiness, Coach Anjo!

Fats and Happiness Introduction

Hello e3 Fam! Last night marked a new beginning to e3's Nutrition Accountability Group as we discussed not only the importance and benefits of consuming healthy fats daily, but also looking within ourselves to start viewing the world in a more positive point of view. By having a positive mental attitude and finding happiness first, success will soon follow. As a group we began a journey into changing our mindset. And like I said last night, this will not happen in one day. The journey into positive thinking may take weeks, months, maybe even years, but know that it is possible. That change is possible. Neuroplasticity. And to review, the first step is relinquishing control and TRUSTING that all will be okay. You must let go of your need for control over food and the control that food has over you. TRUST that if worse comes to worse and you mess up on your nutrition, that everything will okay. Move on, get back on track, don't dwell on it. You're still an awesome person and we still love you! Second, being AWARE. Become mentally aware of when negative thoughts and emotions come up. It's only once you become more AWARE that you can begin empowering yourself to CHANGE those thoughts effectively to ones that make you and everyone around you feel better. To learn more on how to start incorporating strategies to change your mindset into positive thinking join us next time on August 21, 2014 at 6:30 pm. Also the next lesson to be discussed will be "All About Vitamins & Minerals." In strength and happiness, Coach Anjo!